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1585 Cliveden Ave, Unit #8 Delta, BC Canada V3M 6M1 778-819-9999 call



1585 Cliveden Ave, Unit #8 Delta, BC Canada V3M 6M1 778-819-9999 call



1585 Cliveden Ave, Unit #8 Delta, BC Canada V3M 6M1 778-819-9999 call


404 40 Ave NE Calgary, AB Canada T2E 2M7 778-819-9999 call
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How to get to us

There are many paths leading to us. Here you will find the direction to the head office of ORBIS GROUP INC. in Vancouver.

Our company is located in the industrial sector at Annacis Island, Delta, BC. Set your starting point and Google Maps will show you the exact route to us. Upon arrival at the building, you can easily park. We have very convenient free parking for any type of transport.
At the main entrance of the building you will see the door with number 8 and the name of our company ORBIS GROUP. Ring the bell and we will open the door for you.
On the ground floor we have a customer reception, various offices and a production department. Management office on the second floor.
We are always glad to every visitor. Welcome!

Siding company "Orbis Group of companies" in Vancouver, BC

Orbis Group has been involved in the construction industry for over 13 years offering siding and glazing services. During our involvement in British Columbia’s ever growing construction industry, we have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to siding systems, both modern and contemporary. Initially, Orbis was engaged exclusively in glazing and window installations for all types of buildings but quickly added an extensive list of building envelope services from rainscreen applications to complex siding system installations. As our clients needs for new and improved siding solutions grew, so did our organization. We aim to provide a stress free experience to all our by offering a full envelope installation service and avoiding the complications of requiring the coordination of multiple contractors to complete the project.
Our head office is based in Vancouver but that does not prevent us from traveling to you to discuss your upcoming siding needs. We regularly carry out projects outside our surrounding areas and can even provide project planning as well material supply and installation services throughout the province and beyond.
Thanks to countless positive reviews and client recommendations, we have been able to expand our services outside of British Columbia and into the prairies. We are comfortable traveling anywhere across western Canada and further in order to satisfy our clients cladding needs.

What cladding services we do?

Initially, Orbis was conceived to perform the installation and replacement of windows for both homes and multi-family properties. Even though that is still the case, our organization has grown to provide glazing for high-rises as well as wide variety of services for any type of build, from single family homes to large commercial builds. 
Over the past years, our cladding division has expanded and made an impact throughout the construction industry in BC and Alberta with the ability to work across the country. This successful growth is thanks to our team of extremely skilled project managers and installers as well as a vast selection of material profiles, compositions and colours for our clients to choose from. Our services go beyond supplying and installing siding materials; Orbis Exterior division services begin with the planning of your cladding project and follows through by offering rainscreen, soffits, fascias, trims and of course, siding materials that can work best work for you and your build.
If you are looking into a new siding installation, a renovation or even just localized repairs, we are here to help by providing free consultations, estimates and even 3d renderings of your project to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your selections prior to making any final decisions.
We are always interested in taking on unique projects and developing new designs. Feel free to contact us with your ideas or inspirations and we will be happy to work with you to bring them to life.

Do we install vinyl, metal, fiber cement or aluminum siding?

There is a huge selection of siding materials available on the market with new products and profiles being added every year. While classic materials such as cedar or fir are still widely used across the industry, products made from aluminum, vinyl and steel are in high demand thanks to the advantages they possess over most natural wood products.
Orbis Group has been completing residential and commercial siding projects for over a decade and have accrued extensive experience in planning and carrying out siding projects using countless different siding and rainscreen systems. With this experience comes a broad understanding of the diverse siding compositions available and which is best for each specific project and budget. Below, we will discuss some of the more popular siding compositions and they’re most notable traits
Vinyl siding is best known for its low price compared to other cladding systems. Vinyl siding manufacturers are currently producing a wide variety of profiles and colours which combined with the low material cost can be extremely attractive for homeowners and builders.
Aluminum siding is much more durable than vinyl siding and it is also naturally resistant to corrosion. Given its light weight and relatively simple installation methods, siding systems made from extruded aluminum or even aluminum panels are becoming very popular for custom homes builds and renovations.
Corrugated Steel has primarily been used in commercial and industrial construction projects but thanks to an abundance of new profiles, colours and finishes, these panels have become a common choice for both owners and builders of custom homes.
In addition to these materials, there is also the exceedingly popular fibre cement siding that is affordably priced and nearly immune to the effects of extended exposure to the elements. If you are looking for any more information regarding these or any other siding systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for free consultations, samples and quotations.

Are you looking for siding companies near you?

Even though our head office is based in Vancouver, we maintain the ability to work throughout the province of British Columbia, and thanks to our Calgary branch, our services can even extend into the prairies and beyond. With projects completed in over 18 cities, whether you are based in Burnaby, White Rock, Richmond or any other city surrounding Vancouver we can easily meet you on site to discuss your project and related details. If you are looking for a reliable siding contractor for any project from a partial renovation of your home to a large-scale siding installation, you can find us nearby and ready and eager to help guide you through the process.

How to choose a reliable siding company?

Siding your home or business can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you are not familiar with the products included in your exterior wall assembly but selecting the right contractor to help you through your installation can present a completely different set of challenges. Choosing a reliable and experienced siding contractor is crucial to the longevity of your siding system and, more importantly, keeping your home sheltered from moisture, wind and insects. 
The best way to ensure that you are hiring a reliable siding company is to look into their prior experience and customer reviews. This can be done by requesting references from the organization you are considering and asking to see some of their previous work in person. If any company is reluctant to provide references, that is usually a good sign that you should keep your distance.
If you are interested in hiring Orbis Group for your siding needs, please feel free to look through our website for a brief introduction to our services or give us a call to discuss our capabilities and previous working experience. We would be proud to walk you through some of our completed projects and provide any information you may be interested in along the way.

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The Orbis Group name is well known to every builder and contractor in the Vancouver lower mainland exclusively from a positive standpoint.
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We value our reputation, therefore dozens of clients every day turn to us for comfort, reliability and confidence in finding the right solution. Over the past 5 years, we have grown a lot. We expanded our partner network and, of course, customer focus. We continue to delight all our customers with impeccable quality and service.

Siding & Glazing installation services


our most efficient years

Orbis Group of companies, founded in 2007 specializing in all facade solutions; siding, panel installation and glazing. Over the years, Orbis has expanded in Western Canada and won the trust of hundreds of customers in the Residential, Multifamily and Commercial sectors. We ensured that the highest standards were met consistently by following specifications and the regulations of each province in Canada.

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