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Referral program

Siding referral program for Builders and (sub) Contractors in Vancouver

For most industries, referrals are an important part of the business. Installation cladding cervices in residential or commercial sector is no different. Referrals can be some of your best leads.

We are proud to say we have many! You may be a past or present business partner, builder, contractor/sub-contractor, or even staff member who appreciates the customer service, quality and innovation that Orbis continues to offer. In fact, significant portion of our business is referrals from people like you. We decided it’s time to give something back, to reward you for recommending us. As a result, we have implemented a Referral Reward program as our way of thanking you for recommending us to your clients or associates; we will reward you with up to 5% if your referral leads to the purchase of our services.

It’s very easy – Let us know the details of your client or associate who is considering residential or commercial installation cladding services.


Choose your referral method:

1. Call us at 778-819-9999 to refer your client or commercial customer.
2. Fill out the referral form below with your information and the client you are referring and you’ll be registered!
 3. Email us the referral info –

We will contact this person/company for a free consultation regarding his/her home/building renovation or new construction project. Following this, the person/company will receive all our advantages, such as:

⇒ Lifetime Installation Warranty
⇒ Free Estimate
⇒ Free Material Delivery
⇒ Best Site Specialists
⇒ Licenced & Insured Contractor

Why we prefer our customer comes from you?

Over 60% of our business is referrals! By implementing this referral program we reduce our marketing cost.
When you recommend our award winning siding and glazing supply and installation services to your family, friends, neighbours and they choose to work with us - we pay you up to $650!


How it works:

Step 1
Refer a client/commercial customer to us and we are hired to complete their project.

Step 2
Orbis Group Project manager will contact your referral person/company and offer them our best current promotion.

Step 3
As the jobs you referred get completed, we’ll send you a check within 30 days of completion – up to 5% of the project cost for every referred sale.


Guaranteed award:

$? if the referred project is more than $20.000
$? if the referred project is less than $20.000





* If we need additional information, we’ll contact you at the email address or other ways that you provide.
* There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can send or the rewards you can earn.
* This offer is available for signed siding and window installation contracts with Orbis group Inc. or with other our Orbis group companies, and make sure you are registered as the referral prior to the person/company you referred meeting with our Orbis Group representative.
* Referral payments will be awarded once the project is completed and paid.
* Referral must be a new Orbis Group customer.

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Refer a friend

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Step 3

You get rewarded

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please note: we specialize in exterior renovations. we dont do any new construction or commercial flat roofing.

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