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Commercial & High-rise glazing services

The list of services offered by our company to the client includes a variety of options for work related to commercial glazing of buildings. This can be work on the dismantling and installation of new windows of any complexity. Commercial buildings are often large in size, and we have sufficient experience to produce high-quality glazing at any height. Below we will tell you a little more about the different glazing options that we can offer you. After all, the specifics of our work are not limited to the glazing of any one type of building. 

Our Services

Manufacturing and Aluminum system installation. We install a complete range of aluminum window products from the major aluminum suppliers in Western Canada.

Glass installation

We install a wide range of glass products for commercial and industrial applications from locally sourced suppliers.

Engineering, Consultation & Drafting

We offer in-house drafting and printing while working alongside a team of local engineers.

Orbis group Inc. provides glazing products and services for commercial and residential sectors, as:


Facing of private houses is one of the most important options in the list of our services. Home ownership is the place where people spend most of their free time, and therefore its appearance, attractiveness, neatness and structural durability are factors that are extremely important for life. In addition, it is extremely important that the stylistic solution of the house corresponds to the desires and tastes of the people living in it. The system of opening windows, their size and functionality are issues that we also help our customers to solve. All this and much more, we take into account when selecting a particular type of  glazing system that we offer to a particular homeowner. In addition to attaching the new siding, we also easily dismantle the old coating and all the necessary preparatory work in order to ensure a quick and high-quality work of the house, which will please the residents for more than one decade.

Apartments and Condominiums

Apartments and condominiums is a special room, the glazing of which requires not only technical skills and knowledge of safety when working with different materials, but also a special aesthetic taste when creating a future glazing project. This kind of room needs to be installed windows to turn them into a beautiful and cozy home. We can install both standard windows and more modern and interesting options. When it comes to apartments, very often clients want to see something unusual in the project, such as large and elegant arched windows. Also, very popular are full-length windows, with glazed doors. This is a very good option, great for condos. Therefore, regardless of your tastes and desires, our specialists will help you choose the best option of glazing from a variety of possible options.

Store Fronts and Restaurants

Among the commercial buildings that we are working on, there are not only large shopping centers or high-rise buildings. If you are the owner of a restaurant or a small shop and want to make your establishment more attractive in appearance, individual and protect it from external environmental influences, our specialists will be happy to help you choose the best coating option.
For restaurants and similar premises, we offer several very successful options for window systems. Each of them is very convenient to use in its own way. And each of them can fit into almost any design, decorating it and focusing the attention of visitors on the necessary details.
If you need to install or replace the windows, this will also not be a problem, since this option is also included in the list of possible works.

Offices and Hotels

Hotels and offices are places of mass public use and their glazing should combine several functions at once. First of all, they should be as convenient and clear to use for any person who first came to this room. They must also be reliable and durable, because different people can use them, applying completely different forces that the structure must withstand. And, of course, the glazing is essential to create a cozy interior of the hotel and an attractive view of the entire building when viewed from the outside. It should be neat, pleasant stylistically and unobtrusively attracting attention, as this can attract additional customers to both the office and the hotel. We have been engaged in the glazing of such buildings for a long time and have a rich and successful experience, so we can help you create the perfect appearance of your hotel or office.

Industrial sector and warehouses

In warehouses without good glazing, there can be a lot of trouble. So, poorly installed windows create drafts or, on the contrary, make the air in an industrial room insufficiently fresh. In the case of a warehouse, this can have a bad effect on both the goods stored there and the health of the employees. That is why, when creating projects for the glazing of industrial facilities, we pay special attention to the issues of ventilation of premises. Our specialists help you choose the best options for window systems for an industrial building in each specific case. These can be fully opening windows, or with a folding window pane. Some windows are often left unopened. But all these issues are solved when creating a project for a specific client.

Car Dealerships, Retail and Institutional buildings

The specifics of such premises as Car Dealerships, Retail and Institutional buildings is that the goods presented there should be clearly visible from afar. This is very important for business, especially for car dealerships that attract the attention of customers with new models. For all rooms of this type, it is critical that the glazing of the premises allows customers to capture the view of as many attractive products as possible. That's why so often these buildings use large floor-to-ceiling storefronts interspersed with narrow strips of siding. This solution allows you to emphasize the goods favorably, focusing on exactly what is beneficial for the owners of the building. We offer our customers a wide range of window systems, each of which will make the appearance of your retail space as attractive as possible for customers.


Commercial window systems

For the glazing of commercial buildings, different types of systems are used, and we offer all of them to our customers as options. One of the most popular types of systems is hung windows. They come with one hung panel or two, so you can diversify the appearance of the building.
Window wall is another popular option for glazing commercial buildings. It allows you to add lightness to the exterior, and spaciousness to the interior. We can install such systems on buildings of any height.
Fixed windows that are not operating is also a very popular glazing system used in working with commercial structures of very different functionality. Window systems for commercial buildings can be hinged or open only on one side to allow fresh air to enter the room. They can be of different shapes and sizes. In fact, these days everything is limited exclusively to the wishes and imagination of the customer. For any glazing project that the client ultimately wants to see, our specialists will be able to choose the ideal window system.

Commercial Glass Replacement

The installed glazing has to be replaced sooner or later. And this question should not be ignored in any case. You should also choose only proven and reliable contractors to solve it. This is especially true if it concerns a small private house, and a large commercial building. After all, such buildings are most often high-rise, which means that in addition to the technical issues of actually dismantling windows and installing new glazing, employees face a lot of questions related to safety. For such work, it is necessary to use high-quality equipment, and our company has it. We have been engaged in replacing the glazing of commercial buildings for more than ten years and have extensive experience in this. After all, such works were originally our specification. Therefore, if you need to replace windows in a building, regardless of its size and other parameters, our professional staff will perform this task at the highest level and you will not have to worry about anything.


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