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In addition to the services commonly offered by most siding contractors, like single-family home siding installations using typical materials, Orbis Group also has the capability to take on large scale projects with a vast array of specialty rainscreen and siding products. Thanks to our extremely experienced staff, we can efficiently and effectively carry out commercial projects of any size from the planning phase to the installation process. If you are interested in seeing some of our previous commercial or industrial cladding work or discussing your upcoming project, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions as well as offer free samples of commercial siding materials.

All types of commercial cladding and what we work with

The construction market, both commercial and residential, is currently bursting with new and time-tested siding products that are designed to meet all types of architectural styles and budget requirements. Even though most siding systems are extremely versatile, not all of them are suited for commercial applications.
When it comes to commercial and industrial cladding, longevity of the products is prominent priority; Orbis Group ensures to offer products from the best manufacturers on the market.
Here are a few different siding compositions you can explore prior to starting your Commercial Siding project.
-Aluminum and Steel Cladding systems
-Natural Cedar Siding products
-Stucco Wall systems
-Fibre Cement Siding systems

Commercial siding

Commercial construction projects are often much larger and more complex than single family developments. Due to extended planning phase and the installation of thermally broken and insulated rainscreen systems as well commercial grade siding products, many residential siding contractors are not able to provide the same attention to detail on commercial and large-scale projects. 
However, our organization can offer many years of experience successfully managing and carrying out commercial projects of all sizes.

Commercial paneling

Commercial and industrial panel cladding is, in many cases, slightly different from standard residential materials. While some manufacturers simply offer thicker and more durable versions of the same products, there are also many dedicated commercial siding systems that offer their own advantages, such as additional insulation values or even sound proofing.
Successfully installing panels on large scale commercial projects, like high rises, can extremely dangerous and be nearly impossible without the proper planning, training and tooling for the project.

It is important to consult with a highly experienced contractor when it comes to your commercial or industrial paneling to be sure you are receiving the right materials for your project as well as a safe and effective installation process. 
Some of the most common paneling systems used for high rises and industrial buildings consist of Prefabricated Aluminum Panels, Corrugated Steel and High-Density Fibre Cement Panels. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these products.

Soffit and fascia

Soffit and Fascia play an essential role in managing water displacement for your home, but these components can often be overlooked during the planning phase. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience installing these key elements and you can be sure that they will not be forgotten when choosing Orbis Group for your upcoming siding needs.

Commercial construction supplies

Many customers are interested in purchasing commercial siding products from us without taking advantage of our installation services. Unfortunately, we can note provide materials to our clients without also providing a crew to perform the installation. The reason for this is that we do not want to expose our customers to potential danger from handling the heavy materials on site during the installation process or even issues resulting from incorrectly installed materials. In order to perform a full and efficient siding installation, especially for commercial properties, the installer must have a complete understanding of each component being included in the cladding system. Overlooking any of the installation details can result in a shortened service life of your products as well as voiding any manufacturer’s warranty.
If you are interested in taking advantage of our supply and install services, you will be met with a team of experienced project managers and installers willing to work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. From selecting materials that work for your project budget to providing timely flawless installations, our team will provide peace of mind to you and anyone involved with the project.


Industrial cladding (metal siding and panels)

When planning upcoming commercial projects with our clients, the most commonly discussed cladding systems are metal siding and panels. Metal panels have gained a huge amount of popularity in the commercial industry thanks to relatively quick installation processes and simple panel replacements in case of eventual damage to the system.
Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of modern profiles and finishes that can transform the appearance of any structure with extremely long lasting and low maintenance siding products. From specialty metal finishes to convincing wood grain patterns and many different steel and aluminum compositions, there is truly a metal cladding system to fit any project’s needs.
While these products can cost more than the average residential siding system, the extended warranties and efficient installation methods are a definite advantage for commercial or industrial applications.

Orbis group Inc. - your trusted, local contractor

For many years, Orbis Group has been a successful contractor performing both commercial and residential siding installations. We have been carrying out commercial projects from the planning phase to the complete installation of all types of siding and rainscreen products, including insulated and thermally broken systems. 
As each of our expert siding specialists have been on site installing the products we offer, you can be confident that your project will be managed and completed efficiently and accurately.
If you are looking for an experienced siding contractor for your commercial siding needs anywhere across Canada, we encourage you to give us a call and take advantage of our free quotations and consultations including complimentary samples and personalized 3d renderings. 
Whether you have an ongoing project requiring immediate attention or you are just looking for inspiration or information regarding a potential upcoming project, we would be happy to hear from you.

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