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Rot repair services & Rot restoration

Renovating and modernizing your homes siding, when done correctly, is a great investment. However, those who prefer using natural materials like wood do need to, in most cases, perform additional maintenance to preserve the appearance and integrity of their siding.
When using spruce, pine or fir products it is important to intermittently apply paint and wood preservatives to prevent damage from rot and pests.
In the event that your wood products have begun to deteriorate, it is often possible to repair or replace only the affected area. Orbis Group is pleased to offer our services by visiting the site to establish the extent of the damage and prepare a free quotation to cover the required repairs. This process is a great option for anyone looking to refurbish the exterior of their home without getting into a large renovation project.
Depending on the severity of the issue, our experienced siding installers will either repair small rotted areas or completely replace the affected section of siding.
If the damage is more than cosmetic, it is important to inspect beyond the siding and make sure the rainscreen and sheathing are in good condition.
If further damage is found, it is always suggested to explore the full extent of the issue. Repairing the damaged areas in their entirety will not only help to preserve your new or repaired siding but also prevent much more costly issues from presenting themselves over time.

Mold damage repair

Most homeowners will have to deal with a mold issue at one point or another, be it from moisture accumulating behind kitchen cabinets or entering through your exterior walls.
The appearance of mold is often indicative of more serious issues hidden out of sight and, if left unaddressed, can lead to very expensive repairs and serious health issues.
Damaged or improperly installed siding can often be the source of the issue as water can stay trapped behind your cladding system combining itself with wind driven dirt and debris creating an ideal environment for mold to form and spread. This is why Orbis Group ensures that every piece of siding is clean and free of dirt or dust prior to installation.
In very rainy climates, it is possible for organic material to form on the exterior surface of your cladding.
In order to prevent mold from spreading behind you siding, is a good idea to clean the exterior of your home on a yearly basis using a pressure washer or garden hose.
In the event that mold does appear, it is essential to find the source of the issue and have it remediated as soon as possible. Fortunately, Orbis Group is able to help with this type of necessary repair and would be happy to work with you to make sure your home is safe and effectively diverting water from getting behind your rainscreen system.

Rotted fascia board repair

Fascia Boards, installed directly below the roofline, are one of the most noticeable features of a home and, when showing rot or mold damage, can heavily depreciate the appearance of your home. 
While these boards contribute greatly to the homes full aesthetic impression, they also provide a surface on which to attach gutters as well as a termination for the soffit system, in some occasions they even provide ventilation for the roof and soffit cavities.
Fascia, in most cases, is fabricated from spruce, pine or fir trims and is susceptible to rot over time but given the location of these boards, they tend to see a significant amount of water throughout their service life.
To prevent your fascia boards from deteriorating, there are a few precautions you can take such as inspecting, cleaning and reapplying weather proof coatings as needed, however, the most important thing to consider is rain water management. By ensuring that water is flowing freely from your roof into your gutters, you can reduce the amount of time that your fascia is exposed to water; this means annually inspecting and cleaning your gutters.
If your fascia has already begun to decay, Orbis Group can help. With a site visit, we can determine the extent of the damage, prepare a remediation plan and provide an associated quote free of charge.
When replacing existing fascia or choosing materials for your new construction project, keep in mind that fibre cement trims are a great option for your fascia installation as they are nearly impermeable and will last decades longer than their wood counterparts.
By trusting a professional exterior envelope installation crew, you can be sure that your damaged fascia boards will be replaced safely, effectively and correctly giving you peace of mind, which as a homeowner is priceless.

Wood rot repair cost

The cost of repairing damaged siding or fascia is often calculated hourly and depends entirely on the severity of the damage and ensuing scope of work.
If the damage is very minimal and exclusively cosmetic, it could cost as little as $100 to $300, however, if the damage is found to be more significant and requires further investigation, costs can quickly accumulate. In some cases, repairs can cost several thousands of dollars and require replacement siding material to be installed.
If you are concerned about damage, wood rot or mold on or behind your siding, it is important to address the issue quickly as these issues can worsen and the cost to repair them can increase exponentially.
If you are looking for an estimate to repair issues you have discovered on your home or business, you can contact us at Orbis Group for a free quotation.

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