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Siding cost per square foot. Average house siding prices

When planning your upcoming siding installation, there are many aspects to consider; from siding compositions and profiles to rainscreen systems, it can become quite overwhelming. With so many products available on the market, it can be difficult to select a specific type of siding but the factor that is often the most concerning for homeowners is the total project cost. 
Given the wide variety of siding compositions, profiles and manufacturers, the average cost to complete a siding installation can vary significantly. Typically, cladding a home using inexpensive products such as vinyl can cost between $___ and $___ for materials alone whereas mid-range systems can cost from $___ to $___ for the same coverage. In the event that you are looking for high performance cladding systems such as Aluminum panels or high-density fibre cement, you can expect an increase in both material and installation prices. The most expensive system on the market, however, tends to be natural stone. The material is so heavy that it demands specific structural requirements prior to installation and is also subject to inflated installation costs due to the additional labour required to transport the material.
It is important to consider all aspects of the siding installation prior to making a final decision. Discussing your siding needs with an experienced contractor can help you plan your project and avoid unexpected costs throughout the process.

Vinyl Siding Costs

In the 1950’s, vinyl siding was introduced to the market but did not gain much popularity until manufacturing processes were changed to improve quality and reduce pricing in the 1970’s. 
Today, vinyl siding is one of the least expensive siding option available and remains very popular among homeowners throughout the world. By combining relatively simple installation methods with minimal maintenance requirements and inexpensive materials, vinyl siding offers surprisingly low overall cost when comparing to other siding systems. As with most materials, there are multiple vinyl siding options to choose from, but the least expensive products start around $___ per square foot while high end vinyl materials can cost up to $___ for the same area. Typically, thicker materials are much more durable and have a higher material and installation costs associated. 
In most cases, the installation of this type of siding will cost around $___ but can reach $___ or more if your project is excessively complicated. Vinyl siding has a shorter service life than most other types of siding and would likely need to be replaced sooner than others, however, it is a great option if you are looking for a budget friendly solution for your home.


Hardie board price. How much does the most popular siding cost?

James Hardie is the most popular brand of siding available on today’s market and that is thanks to a combination of affordable material pricing and extensive product warranty coverage. The least expensive James Hardie products typically cost around $___ per square foot and can reach $___ up to $___. In addition to the average material pricing, it is important to consider the cost of installation. Given the fibre cement composition of Hardie products, they are quite heavy compared to wood or vinyl products and this typically causes an increase in installation costs as the process is much more time consuming. The minimum installation cost for this type of siding usually starts from $___ and can reach $___ per square foot. While these materials are not the least expensive, they offer a service life of around 30 years which means your siding system can last up to decades longer than the vinyl alternative.


The cost of other siding materials James Hardie

In addition to the very popular HardiePanel, James Hardie offers a wide range of other siding products and profiles. One of the most common amongst them is HardiePlank, also known as Lap Siding. This material ranges from $___ per square foot to $___ per square foot while the minimum installation cost is around $___ but typically reaches $___ for the same area. Each home is unique and commands its own total cost and while the average square footage prices can help give you an idea, the only way to know the exact price for your home is to factor material waste percentages combined the installation cost for your specific project.


Fiber cement siding cost

Fiber Cement material is specifically designed to perform as a siding product and unlike wood or vinyl, it requires little to no maintenance during its long-term service life. Made from cellulose fibres and a mixture of sand and cement that has been perfected over decades of production, this material is arguably the ideal composition for siding systems. Contrary to wood and vinyl siding, Fibre cement is nearly immune to damage caused by birds, rodents and pests while offering a resistance to extreme weather conditions and even fire damage. Fibre Cement materials are available in countless different profiles and finishes with pricing ranging from $___ to $___ per square foot for material and $___ to $___ per square foot for installation.


Cedar siding cost

Cedar siding is an extremely popular choice for siding materials across the commercial and residential markets. In fact, it is so popular that cedar mills are not always able to meet the demand as they are procuring their raw materials from sustainable sources. This instability in material availability creates extremely volatile pricing that is nearly impossible to estimate accurately prior to placing the material order.  The reason why Cedar is so popular amongst other types of wood is because of its innate ability to resist the effects of continuous exposure to inclement weather. Cedar siding does not typically require any coating or treatment to maintain its natural beauty and can save you from costly maintenance over time. Cedar materials usually hover around $___ to $___ per square foot but this pricing is extremely relative to the industries current demand as well as the profile and quantity you are needing.
Thankfully, installation costs for these materials are quite stable and you can expect to spend between $___ and $___ to for labour.


Prices on Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding is available in composite panels, also known as ACM panels, and extruded tongue and groove planks. Both options are amongst the most attractive modern siding solution available on the market today and have been commonly used for commercial applications over the last few decades.
Thanks to the addition of wood grain patterns and custom solid colour options, homeowners and home builders have been including these products in their exterior designs, whether it be to highlight certain walls or even to clad the entire structure. While pricing for these materials can be costly compared to more common residential siding materials like vinyl or fibre cement, the lightweight materials cause a noticeable reduction in installation costs.
You can expect to spend anywhere between $___ and $___ per square foot for materials but only around $___ for the installation. It is important to consider the extremely long service life low maintenance requirements of aluminum siding. Though selecting this type of material can be more expensive than expected, you will not have to worry about the expense of replacing this siding for many decades.


Metal siding cost

Steel siding has been a common choice for commercial and industrial applications thanks to its long-lasting inexpensive materials, the ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirements. Manufacturers of steel siding have been offering simple corrugated profiles in only a few colours for many years in order to ensure quick production times for their clients.
In recent years, companies like Westform have managed to increase their siding colour and finish selections all while increasing their profile options to include many new concealed fastener systems that are more attractive for home owners and builders. The good news is that these new options are not much more costly than the original corrugated designs. The average price for steel siding ranged from $___ to $___ and installation costs can vary between $___ an $___. Corrugated metal is often manufactured once it has been ordered; the quantity and dimensions of the material required for your project can significantly affect the total cost of your project.


Siding prices and labor cost

When planning the budget for your siding installation, there are two main aspects that will greatly impact the projects total cost. First is the type of material you would like to have installed; depending on your selection, the material pricing could differ tenfold. It is important to establish how much each specific system will cost for your home and compare your preferences. The second aspect is size of the project and difficulty of the installation. Each home is unique in shape and size and installation costs are directly affected by both the amount of siding to be installed as well as how long it will take to complete each section.
As with the material pricing, the installation cost for each type of siding will vary drastically as each piece, shingle, panel or plank will only cover a certain area and directly impact how much time is required to complete the full scope of work. The composition of the siding will also affect installation prices as the weight of the system will affect how many installers are required to complete the project efficiently.
For these reasons, it is nearly impossible to say how much a siding renovation or installation may cost without first familiarizing yourself with the specific project. We can say, however, that in many cases, the total material price relatively close to the cost to install said material.


House siding options and cost

During the planning phase, many home or business owners will select a single type of siding in order to simplify the process and hopefully save on project costs. However, this is not always the best approach if you are looking to take full advantage of your investment. Because most systems, especially within the same manufacturer, require the same rainscreen system to be installed, simply ordering a second or third siding profile or colour can be much less costly than you expect. The finished product of combining siding systems will not only result in a beautiful home that stands out amongst the rest but also a significant increase in your homes resale value thanks to a unique and attractive appearance. This effect can also be seen in commercial applications by helping your business stand out and attracting more customers because of it.
Orbis Exteriors can offer a wide range of resources to help you design your dream home, from physical samples to 3d renders. We can guarantee that you will not regret your investment in personalizing your homes appearance.


New House Siding like a Good Investment

Making the decision to invest in your home’s exterior appearance can be difficult, but it is important to consider the overall value of your installation. Replacing your siding is not only a great financial investment for the future of your home and your family, but also an investment in the peace of mind of knowing that your home is protected from environmental damage.
If your home is currently clad with vinyl siding, upgrading the system to a fiber cement product, for example, can increase the home’s resale value with improved curb appeal all while offering an extended service life which means the next owner would not have to worry about this expense for many years to come.

How to estimate the cost of siding according to the living area of the house?

The best way to calculate the cost of your siding project is to first calculate the total exterior wall area of your home. This can easily be done by multiplying the height and width of each area requiring siding. 
The next step is choosing a siding system that will work best for you based on its square footage price for both materials and labour. The approximate cost can now be calculated by multiplying the surface area by the overall system price per square foot. This total is a good start but does not include for flashing and rainscreen installation, delivery charges, scaffolding rentals and other aspects that are needed to successfully complete a siding project.
Our team at Orbis Exteriors is able to assemble an accurate quote on for your siding installation within a week and free of charge. We would love to be a part of your siding installation, please do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our services.


Siding Permits

Construction rules and regulations differ from one municipality to another and while most areas do not require a permit prior to carrying out a siding renovation project, it is best to consult with your city officials to ensure that you are following the proper procedures. In most cases, you will be free to select any siding profile and finishes you would like to complete the appearance of your home, but some homeowner associations and stratas may require that you maintain a certain theme for your renovation. This is not something you need to concern yourself with when choosing Orbis Exteriors for your siding needs. We will gladly take on the burden of obtaining any necessary permits for your project.

Types of siding depending on weather conditions

Most modern siding systems are designed to withstand nearly any climate, including extended exposure extreme cold and heat as well as inclement weather. However, some systems may not perform as well as others in your specific area. For example, while aluminum siding can perform well in ocean side applications, steel siding can show premature signs of corrosion due to the increased exposure to the salty environment. Each system offers its own strengths and weaknesses that should be carefully considered prior to selecting a product for your project.
If your project is located in an area that regularly sees temperatures drop below freezing, it may be a good idea to add exterior insulation to your siding system which will help reduce unnecessarily costly heating bills come wintertime. Our team of specialists can help guide you towards siding systems that will perform best for your project.


Siding contractor and cost of work

Choosing a reliable contractor can greatly reduce the overall cost of your project. An experienced siding installer can recognize issues and any additional work required to complete your project before starting the installation itself. This means that you will receive an all-encompassing quote without an abundance of unexpected costs being presented throughout the project. Contractors with extensive experience have perfected their methods over the years and are able to perform the full installation in substantially less time than other contractors. This is thanks to highly skilled installers and modern tooling designed to expedite the process.
Orbis Group has been involved in commercial and residential siding for nearly 15 years and during this time, we have accrued a huge amount of experience with a wide variety of siding and rainscreen systems. For this reason, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing on any project including complex custom homes.


Maintenance prices of each type of siding

Every siding system will require some form of maintenance, whether it is the application sealant chemicals on brick or stone siding, the recoating or staining of natural wood to help maintain its natural beauty or replacing cracked or faded vinyl siding throughout the years after the installation.
The maintenance requirements for each system should be considered when making your final decision as neglecting your siding will lead to a shortened service life. This will increase the cost of your homes maintenance over time as periodic siding repairs can be surprisingly expensive compared to a full replacement. No matter which system you have chosen, a yearly cleaning should be performed to remove any accumulation of grime and mildew followed by a visual inspection to ensure that all components are performing as intended.


Alternative Siding Cost Comparison on 1000 sq.ft house

The cost of a siding installation for 1,000 square feet of wall space can vary greatly depending on the material composition, finish, profile and exposure. You can expect the project to cost a minimum of $_____ when choosing vinyl products and reach upwards of $_____ when using high end aluminum systems or expensive natural products like stone or clear, vertical grain western red cedar. There are also many mid-range options like fibre cement and wood composite materials that will cost between $___ and $____.  If you are looking for more specific pricing, we would be happy help you by discussing your ideal design and budget and providing you with a free quote based on your siding preferences.


Some questions to ask your contractor about the siding and estimate

  • How much experience does the contractor have installing the specific type of siding you have chosen?
  • Can the contractor provide references from their previous projects?
  • Is your quote covering all aspects of your project or will there be additional charges?
  • Can they separate material pricing from installation pricing to clarify the costs?
  • What is the expected timeline for your installation to be completed?


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