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Orbis Group has been in business for more than 13 years. Originally specialized in high end glazing installations on multifamily and commercial high-rise projects. Through this, the firm has established itself as a reliable, customer service-oriented construction service provider.
Over the last few years, Orbis Group has been branching out by offering different services, such as the exterior finishes division. In order to prioritize customer satisfaction, a team of experienced siding specialists was assembled to curate a list of the very best cladding materials on the market today all while maintaining ability to satisfy any project budget.
Every one of Orbis Group’s clients is guided through each step of the siding process , from the initial design phase and creation of a 3D model of your project to the complete installation of all necessary cladding components. 
Homeowners across Canada choose Orbis Group to complete their homes cladding installation because customer service is the first priority. 
This is proven through countless recommendations as well as glowing reviews and supported by an excellent estimation service that is offered for free combined with high end materials installed by professional crews.
This process is what places Orbis group Inc. among the leaders in siding installations on the Canadian market.
By providing premier right installation of different siding materials, we assure homeowners and contractors their exterior will stay efficient and will last longer.

We offer a vast selection of siding for all budget and style. The right product and the right contractor can improve your exterior at an affordable cost. Following industry trends and growing our products range help us meet every customer’s need.

Siding is what people will notice first about your house. It's a contributor to your home's value and also to the curb appeal. It has two important requirements. First one, protecting your home from weather’s enemy. The second is providing a unique pleasing look that complements your property.
Different siding materials require different techniques and specifications. If you ignore any one of these things, the result can be corrupt, water penetration, wood rot, mold, mildew, carpenter ants, or a lot of other problems that are easily avoided by choosing the right Siding Contractor.
We have the techniques and the experience to make the job done right.


What siding do we install

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular products used for cladding homes today. Thanks to its relatively low cost and advanced material composition.

Manufactured using Polyvinyl Chloride, a layer of Titanium Dioxide is added to contribute to the structural integrity of the product while also providing additional protection from extended sunlight exposure.

Fiber cement (shiplap, board and batten, plank and shingle siding)

Fibre Cement siding products are quickly becoming the standard of exterior finishing from single family homes to commercial projects. They are extremely versatile and can be manufactured into various different profiles such as large panels, lap siding, shingle panels and even trims. James Hardie has been perfecting the composition of their fibre cement over decades and have been able to produce a material that is perfect for use in siding installations.
Offering waterproof panels combined with resistance to fire, birds, bugs and vermin all while using paint coatings that will not fade in direct sunlight or harsh weather is why James Hardie has established itself as the leader in the industry and our go to when suggesting fibre cement products to our clients.

Aluminum siding and panels

Thanks to its natural resistance to corrosion and relatively light weight, aluminum is used in many different siding systems and components.
Orbis group is able to offer a plethora of aluminum products; Thermally Broken Rainscreen Assemblies, Corrugated Soffit, Tongue and Groove Extruded Siding such a Longboard and Architectural ACM panels are just a few of the aluminum systems we can offer.
These systems are all very aesthetically pleasing due to their concealed fasteners and countless coating options from wood grains to mirror finishes.

Cedar siding

Natural Cedar offers a natural resistance to the elements and is one of the only materials able to withstand a rigorous exterior environment without requiring any additional coating.

It has been used for hundreds of years in the construction industry and is becoming very popular thanks to its very maintainable natural wood finish.
We have installed many different cedar siding profiles including lap siding, tongue and groove and shingles as well as architectural features such as knee braces and corbels.

Metal (steel) siding

Of the many different metals used to manufacture siding products such as zinc, copper or aluminum, steel panels are the most common. This type of siding is relatively inexpensive and has several notable advantages compared to other options. Steel offer’s reliability, cost effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements while still being available in a multitude of profiles and colours.
The variety of shapes and profiles available attracts many homeowners and builders thanks to the versatility of the systems. With panels being available for purchase in multiple sizes from 3’x8’ to 4’x12’ and the ability to cut the panels on site to fit your own custom design creates unlimited possibilities when it comes to cladding your home with metal panels.

Corrugated steel siding

From commercial buildings to modern single family residences, corrugated steel siding systems have become very common sight, this is likely due to its long service life and low maintenance requirements.
With help from manufacturers such as Westform Metals, Orbis Group is able to offer a huge selection of different profiles and colours including concealed fastener systems and wood grain patterns.

Wood siding

Wood Siding and Siding products are one of the oldest building materials available.

Despite the creation of countless different cladding products over the years, natural wood has always been a great way to add some character to any design.
There are still many available wood products in the world of exterior finishes including soffits, trims, knee braces and corbels. 
By using responsible and sustainable sources for lumber, you can be sure that your siding is environmentally friendly from fabrication and installation all the way to disposal of cutoff materials.

Other siding and panels (Composite, Brick, Faux stone, Stucco siding)

We install many other cladding systems in addition to the ones we have described thus far.
There are so many siding products available on the market today that offer seamless finishes with fantastic warranties.
Fortunately, Orbis Group’s team of experienced project managers is able to offer pricing, samples and installation services for virtually any system you may choose.
Every system has their own pros and cons and it is important to be able to discuss all the relevant information before making your decision.


Installation process

Starting a cladding project as a homeowner can be a daunting task but you can entrust this process to Orbis Group. We start by listening to your design ideas and suggesting products that can meet your expectations while respecting your projects budgetary plan. 

We are then able to design a 3D model of your home showing the cladding system layout for your approval. Once siding types and colours are approved, our crew of experienced siding specialists can proceed with the installation. Let’s focus a little more on each of the steps involved in completed your siding installation.



Requesting an estimate is as easy as contacting us by phone or email with some information about your project. We will need some basic information about your home and design inspirations in order to present you with an initial estimate.
Regardless of whether you are looking to renovate your existing home or plan the cladding phase of your new construction project, we can provide information and pricing absolutely free of charge.


How we measure

We are able measure the wall area of your project by using the architectural building plans of your home as well as taking measurements on site in order to ensure precise estimates.
Accurate material estimates are crucial for success of your siding projects and each cladding system’s unique installation methods requires its own unqiue estimation process. This is why every one of Orbis Group’s exterior division project managers has experience installing the systems we offer.


Siding installation steps


Once an agreement is reached and a contract is signed, the process of procuring materials can begin.
All siding materials and components are ordered according to your design and colour selections and, from there, lead times can be established in order to schedule our siding crew to begin work to begin on site.


Most tools required to complete a siding project are fairly common; hammers, prybars, knives and metal snips can be seen in every installers tool belt.

However, the specific siding system that is being installed does require some specialized tools. For example, using the wrong saw blades to cut aluminum instead of steel or fibre cement instead of wood can damage your tools very quickly and become a safety hazard.
Our crew is made familiar with your material selections prior to arriving on site in order to ensure they are properly equipped specifically for your project.

Old Siding Removal

When starting a siding renovation project, it is important to remove the existing cladding materials.
This will allow the installation crew to establish the condition of your homes sheathing and weather membrane.
Siding removal is a big part of renovation project. The old siding has to be removed cautiously to reduce the risk of injury and to minimize damage to the existing structure, windows and telecom cable. We have years of experience of siding removal and have perfected the steps to remove it. We will provide a dumpster or a dump trailer to remove debris from the site and take care of the disposal.
If you are one of the unfortunate individuals whose home is covered in asbestos siding, you should be prepared to pay more for its removal and disposal, but we will help you thru all those steps and we will take appropriate precaution.

Sheathing Inspection and Repair

Once siding has been removed, our team of professionals is looking for water and insect penetration point that could have affected the structure. 

After the visual inspection a report is prepared and discussed with client. We will let you know right away if there is any serious damage, such as water damage or insect damage. Water leaks are the biggest cause of mold growth that can seriously damage the structure of the house. Insects such as termites can cause structural damage as well. Unfortunately, if you have one of those it will need to be taken care right away and there will be additional cost; however, in most cases there is no damage and then our team proceeds with installation of new siding.   Changing the existing sheathing for new one, changing the insulation if damage, same thing for stud and more.

Preparation of the Wall for Siding

Often referred to as the preparation phase, the next step is to install waterproofing membranes and the rainscreen system.
The rainscreen consists of siding components related to preventing water from reaching your sheathing as well as draining water away from your cladding system.
Installing flashing, sheathing membrane, and furring strips correctly is of the utmost importance as it is very difficult to make repairs or adjustments to these items once the siding installation is completed.


To provide additional waterproofing, special adhesive membranes are installed around every hose tap, gas fitting, light fixture and plug box. By applying these membranes, water is effectively redirected towards the exterior of your homes siding system.


Installing properly weather-resistant barrier will protect the structure of the building from water, moisture and air infiltration. 

Our methods have been developed in different climate and help to protect against weather enemy. Wind driven rain and water can drench walls and create favorable environment for mold, mildew and wood rot; it can grow and destroy walls and is very hard to clean off. It is smart to protect your home from these three worst structure’s enemies, to keep renovation costs low and have healthy home.
Building paper is made in the way to protect from growth of mold or mildew as well as wind and air infiltration. Wrapping over the sheathing and under the exterior siding protects from wind and helps preventing air infiltration or excessive moisture to establish comfortable environment whether it is house or a bigger building. Building wrap is also energy efficient as it helps to control the temperature inside and keep the electricity bill under control.
As the thermal efficiency requirements of homes become a growing concern, exterior insulation eliminates thermal bridging. It increases your total effective RSI/R-Value and is also energy efficient as it helps to control the temperature inside and keep the electricity bill under control.

Siding Installation and Touch-up Work

Now that your home is fully water proof, the siding installation can begin.
This step is surprisingly the quickest part of the entire project. Once the siding is being installed, inspections and repairs have been completed and this means our installers can concentrate on providing you with the highest quality of aesthetic finishes. From colour matched caulking to the smallest paint touch ups including covering any nail heads that may be visible, our number one priority is to ensure your satisfaction.

Cleaning Up and Waste Removal

Waste removal is a logistical aspect that can often be overlooked by many construction companies.
Orbis Group assures a clean job site by maintaining work areas as the project progresses and putting time aside every day to clean and organize project materials.
We are able to offer waste bin rentals for your convenience in order to dispose of your old cladding materials as well as new system’s cut offs and scraps.


Preliminary steps for hanging siding

Step 1: Soffit and Fascia

In most cases, it is ideal to start the installation with soffits and fascias. 

Whether you choose wood, metal or fibre cement soffits, this will allow us to clearly delineate the top of your rainscreen and siding systems.

Step2: Siding the Walls

Prior to installing any components of your new exterior envelope system, it is important to ensure there are no protruding screws, plates or structural elements relating to your homes framing.
Once the sheathing has been cleared of imperfections, the installation process can begin with rainscreen and siding products.

Step 3: Dealing with Obstructions

In order to save time and ensure a seamless siding installation, it is important to plan the layout of the system especially around decks, stairs and steps in the foundation.
With lap siding and tongue and groove systems, the vertical joints are not forgiving and cannot be moved. Creating a detailed installation plan will help avoid any unwanted trims or joints or seams in your cladding system.

Step 4: Window and Door Trim

To ensure clean transitions around window and door openings, there are a variety of different trim options and profiles available.
These trims combined with caulking matched to the colour of your choice create a seamless and effectively waterproof termination to your homes siding.
Windows are significant to the building structure. Windows can make your life enjoyable with perfect temperature in the room any time a year, natural light and of course splendid view; however, some of us know that poorly installed windows can make your life miserable, from cold or heat and huge electricity bills, to diseases in some cases. If you think you need help, let us handle it for you. Our team of professionals will install windows of your choice and will make sure it is done properly with precise technique.
Professionally installed quality product can help you save on energy cost and make your life at home better. You should also know that windows can add value beyond energy savings by building your homes resale value.


How much does the siding installation cost?

The Type of cladding

Attaching price - 2,000 square feet


From 3,000 to $14,000

Brick Siding

From 10,000 to $30,000

Fiber Cement

From 11,000 to $24,000

Hardie Board

From 1,600 to $11,000

Stucco Siding

From 10,000 to $19,000

Vinyl Siding

From 2,000 to $16,000

Wood Siding

From 16,000 to $24,000


Frequently asked questions:

How much does a siding installation cost?

Every siding system is different and this means that each project has a unique price associated to it. Given that construction materials and labour costs fluctuate frequently and are dependent on the location, it is not possible to fix a pricing estimate without first discussing your project.
For more information regarding our free estimation process, please feel free to contact us at Orbis Group.

How much does it cost to side a 2000 sq ft house?

The pricing for any project will depend on the materials chosen to complete the installation. Typically, the cost to clad a 2,000sqft home using standard James Hardie materials will start around $25,000. This includes all labour and materials from applying sheathing membranes to completing the finishing touches to your satisfaction.


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