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Cost to install siding: Vinyl, James Hardie, Metal siding

Due to the varying age and unique architectural design of each home, every siding project must be analyzed individually and priced according to material and labour requirements for that specific installation. When it comes to renovations, there is also the cost for removal and disposal of old siding material that must be considered.
Each type of siding presents its own particular set of characteristics, but one of the most important ones is the value it offers for the price it demands. For example, vinyl siding is known for its inexpensive installation costs, however, the materials are not very durable when compared to aluminum or fibre cement siding systems. On the other hand, aluminum material is much more costly than vinyl while fibre cement materials are heavy and more labour intensive but will last nearly half a century when correctly maintained. Wood cladding offers a longer service life than vinyl combined with similar installation costs, however, additional maintenance is required to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, unless Western Red Cedar is chosen for the project. Western Red Cedar material is significantly more expensive than other species of wood but does not require much maintenance due to its natural resistance to inclement weather exposure.
Every siding system is unique and in order to accurately compare each one, all aspects must be considered, from the price purchasing material and having it installed to maintenance requirements and length of the service life before requiring replacement.

Average cost to re-side a house

A siding system is much more than simply a decorative layer of materials for the exterior of your home. A high-performance siding system can significantly extend the life of your home by preventing dramatic temperature changes and humidity from affecting the living areas inside your home. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the service life of your siding system and when it must be maintained or replaced.
The price to side a home is usually calculated based on the wall area to be covered rather than the more commonly discussed floor area, for example, a 2,000 sqft home will require about 3,000sqft of siding.
Vinyl siding material is often the least expensive option while fibre cement and steel siding are great mid-range options. Aluminum and high-density fibre cement systems can be very costly but last much longer than their counterparts which may save money in the long run depending on the difficulty of the installation. 
Each siding installation is unique and final pricing will reflect the specific project but we can offer an average pricing based on a few different types of siding in order to help you build a preliminary budget for your upcoming siding needs. You can browse through the table below for more information.
Cost to reside a house in Vancouver, BC

Cost for residing a house


Siding Cost

Removal Cost

Siding Replacement cost


From 1,000 to 4,300 $

From 1,000 to 1,100 $

From 4,900 to 13,300 $


From 2,500 to 3,750 $

From 1,200 to 1,400 $

From 5,100 to 6,750 $


From 1,400 to 6,200 $

From 1,000 to 1,500 $

From 3,800 to 11,500 $

Engineered Wood

From 1,400 to 3,500 $

From 1,000 to 1,500 $

From 3,800 to 6,800 $

Fiber Cement

From 1,700 to 4,800 $

From 1,100 to 3,100 $

From 4,800 to 10,700 $


From 1,350 to 13,750 $

About 2,500 $

From 13,000 to 26,900 $


From 1,550 to 2,000 dollars

From 1,500 to 1,800 $

From 6,400 to 10,700 $


From 2,950 to 2,990 dollars

About 1,200 $

From 6,400 to 6,800 $



Labor cost to install vinyl siding

Considering that the average floor space for a home is typically around 2,000sqft, most projects will cost between $______ and $______ for the installation process.
This average pricing is determined based on a cost of $___ to $___ per square foot for labour only. Each system has a different associated cost for installation and the total cost of your project is directly impacted by the type of siding material you choose. While your home may be bigger or smaller than the average 2,000sqft, it is easy to determine the approximate cost of your project by using the same calculation methods. First, by determining the cladding system you would like to use; installing vinyl siding will typically cost around $___ while fibre cement siding can cost up to $___ due to its composition and weight. If you are considering a siding installation or renovation for your home, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and inspiration for your home.


Price to install cedar siding

Cedar siding is available in a variety of different grades and profiles. Depending on your selection, the cost to install your system will change. While the installation cost per square foot for basic cedar materials starts around $___, the most difficult installations can reach up to $___. Most projects, however, will cost an approximately $___/sqft.
By finding out how much each square foot of material will cost, it is easy to determine the overall cost for your project. It is important to remember that cedar material prices are extremely volatile and prices can fluctuate every few days.


Aluminum siding installation cost

Aluminum cladding is amongst the simplest siding systems to install, which results in a reduced installation price. You can expect to spend a minimum of $___ and a maximum of $___ for your aluminum siding installation. This pricing depends on the profile of the siding you have chosen as well as the difficulty of the installation.


Metal (steel) siding installation cost

Corrugate Steel siding has always been quite popular in the commercial siding market. The reason for this is inexpensive materials combined with affordable installation cost. The installation costs start at $___ and can reach $___ for complex installations.


Price to install Fiber Cement siding

While the installation costs for fibre cement products is higher than other standard siding systems, every dollar spent on fibre cement siding is a great investment that will directly impact the overall value of your home. The reason for the difference in installation cost is because of the increased weight of the siding materials. Installation costs can range from $___ to $___/sqft depending on the type of fibre cement siding you have selected.


Labor cost to install Brick and Stone siding

Natural Brick and Stone is possibly the most expensive cladding option when it comes to installation costs per square foot. Due to the excessive weight of the system and the lengthy process to fasten materials, you can expect to spend at least $___ and up to $___ for each square foot of exterior wall to be covered. It is important to note that heavyweight siding systems may require additional structural  work that may increase the cost of your project.


How to estimate the cost of siding according to the living area of the house?

The most common way to calculate the approximate budget required for a siding project is to establish the cost per square foot of the siding system you would like installed and multiply the value by the total wall area to be covered. If you are unsure about the exterior wall area of your home, it is quite easy to find out. Simply multiply the height and width of your exterior walls and remove the area already covered by windows or doors.
As professional siding contractors, we at Orbis Exteriors calculate the full cost of siding projects on a daily basis. We would be happy to discuss siding options with you and provide a free quote based on your preferences.


Siding Permits & Inspections

In most area, permits are not required to carry out a siding renovation. However, it is always a good idea to inquire about the need for permits with your city officials. There may limitations set by your homeowners association or strata management company. If you choose Orbis Exteriors for your project, we can save you the trouble by applying for any permits required for your project.


Maintenance Costs

Some types of siding require regular maintenance in order to retain their beauty. Pine siding, soffit or fascia may require a recoating of stain or paint on a yearly basis, depending on the sun and rain exposure. Other materials, such as fibre cement or aluminum, will only need to be pressure washed to remove salt, grime and mildew and visually inspected to ensure that there is no damage to the siding.
Each system demands its own maintenance schedule and it is important to take the cost of maintenance into account when selecting your siding material.


Labor cost to install siding

Within each composition of siding, there are many profiles available. The installation process for each of these profiles has its own cost associated to the installation. Vinyl, for example, can cost less than $___ per square foot to install while fibre cement siding with the same coverage per piece can cost up to $___. Most materials cost roughly the same amount to procure them as they do to have them installed professionally.


Factors that impact the total cost of siding installation

The price of installing each type of material is not the only factor that can affect the total price of your project. If a project is located in a remote area, it can require a crew to rent accommodations nearby to complete the installation which will, in turn, increase the overall cost. There is also the complexity of the installation; a home with more corner and window detail work will require more time on site and trim materials to complete.
We will discuss a few of these factors below.


The important factor to be considered while calculating the total cost for a siding installation is the composition of the siding. This decision will determine the type of tooling and safety equipment that is required for the project.
The most inexpensive siding products are typically made of vinyl material that can be shaped into a wide variety of profiles and, thanks to its reduced weight, vinyl siding costs very little to install in comparison to a natural stone or brick systems
Each material presents its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered along with material and installation costs.

Labor Costs

The price of installing siding materials can vary greatly from one contractor to another depending on scheduling as well as the skill and efficiency of their employees. That being said, the lowest price is not always the best option as unskilled installers may cost less initially but create the need for premature repairs that will end up costing more in the long run. While installing siding materials may seem quite simple, the technical work involved in effectively waterproofing windows, doors and all other vulnerable areas of your home is often forgotten. This preparation work must be completed correctly or issues caused by moisture and mildew can eventually resurface.
We strongly recommend consulting with a professional siding contractor when considering a siding renovation or installation for your home.

House Footprint

The overall installation cost is based on the wall area to be covered, however, the shape of the homes foot print is also taken into consideration. To elaborate, a 2 story, 2000sqft home with a rectangular foot print may require roughly 3,000sqft of siding and 4 corner trims to complete the scope. However, a home with a similar square footage that features architectural details and complex shapes may require a significant amount of trim work to complete the same overall area. In most cases, the simpler the shape of a home is, the less expensive the siding project will be.

Exterior House Design

While the average pricing we can offer is based on the typical home installation, the design of a home can greatly affect the project cost. The number of floors is, of course, a huge factor, but the height of each floor can also affect the size of the materials needed which, in turn, affects the total price. Also, the installation of trims can be quite time consuming which leads to additional expenses for each window, door or other obstacle included in the exterior design.


The location of your project can affect both the overall price of materials and labour. Projects located outside of a suppliers typical shipping range can result in costly overage charges while accommodation expenses for your installation crew can add up quickly. There are many factors that can affect the total cost of your project, for this reason, we always suggest that you request a formal quote from any contractor you are in contact with for your project.


House Siding Options & Prices

Homeowners will typically spend between $______ and $_____ for their siding installation. That is an average of approximately $______. Each project is unique, but the table below can help you prepare for your siding installation.


Average Cost to Install Siding in Vancouver, BC


Cost Per Sq. Ft.

Average Total to Install


From 3 to 12 dollars

From 6,150 to 15,900


From 4 to 9

From 5,400 to 13,000


From 2 to 5

From 10,000 to 19,000


From 2 to 5

From 7,000 to 23,000


From 5 to 13.50

From 6,000 to 20,000


From 9 to 28

From 8,900 to 25,000


From 5 to 6

From 1,830 to 7,052


From 4 to 8

From 4,000 to 14,600


From 35 to 50

From 87,500 to 125,000


Cost of Siding Materials vs. Labor

In many cases, the overall material cost for a project is very similar to the installation cost. Most materials will cost between $___ and $___ while installation cost start just as low but can reach up to $___. Some siding do not follow this rule; for example, natural stone demands a much higher installation cost compared to the material itself while ACM panel installations are extremely efficient but materials can cost over double that of the installation.


DIY Siding Costs vs. Hiring a Pro

It is possible to complete your own siding installation, however, we do not recommend it. Some systems can be installed using standard tooling, but many siding compositions require specialized tools to cut and fasten the materials. For example, aluminum siding should only be cut with a saw blade designed for non-ferrous metals, whereas fibre cement siding requires a vacuum with a special fitler made to collect harmful silica dust while cutting through the material. In addition, most manufacturers offer warranties on their products, as long as they are correctly installed. Failing to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements will not only void warranty coverage but can also create the need for premature siding repairs.
We highly recommend consulting with a professional siding contractor before taking on your siding project.


Estimated Cost to Side a Garage

The process of estimating a siding installation for a garage is essentially the same as any other scope. There is occasionally a slightly lower square foot price associated as the installation is typically less complex than the main home given the height of the structure and minimal trim work involved.
Many homeowners explore less expensive siding options for their garage in order to increase the curb appeal of their home by using premium siding products all while maintaining the same overall budget.


Questions to ask your contractor about the estimate

There are many contractors on the market who have experience installing only a few different siding systems. Each system presents its own set of challenges and installation requirements; It is important to make sure that the contractor you choose for your project is familiar with the products you have in mind. Here are a few topics you should ask your siding contractor about prior to choosing their services for your project.


  • Are they fully covered by their own business insurance for the work they are performing?
  • Is the quote covering all siding aspects for your project or should you expect additional charges? 
  • What type of cladding would they choose for their own home?
  • What is their expected start and finish date for your project?


When to Install Siding

Most home and business owners choose to renovate their siding during the summer season as interior work is easier to complete during colder months. Also, many home developers take advantage of the dry summer weather to increase their production. This creates an extremely high demand for siding contractors and materials between June and September every year which, in turn, causes increased pricing throughout the industry.
If you are flexible with your project timeline, we suggest trying to schedule your siding installation during the calm season. Of course winter weather may cause some delays throughout your project, however, the consistent availability of materials and installers will make the process of finding a siding contractor for your project much easier.


New Siding is a Great Investment

The decision to renovate your homes siding can be a big one given the combined cost of construction material, labour and all other services required to complete a siding project.
You’ll be happy to know that renovating your siding is a great way to add significant value to your home, whether it be fore resale purposes or for your own peace of mind. Even though the average siding renovation starts around $___ per square foot, you can expect to make over 50% on your initial investment when comes time to sell your home. On the other hand, a modern siding system can not only save your home from potential water or fire damage, but they are also designed to last decades longer than older systems.
The ability to personalize your homes appearance all while protecting your home from the need for future repairs is a great way to ensure peace of mind for you and your family. On the other hand, upgrading the siding system with intent to sell your home can be a cost effective way to attract more buyers to your property.


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