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Siding Vancouver. All types of siding and installation

Siding system installations and replacements are an important aspect of the construction industry especially in high precipitation climates like Vancouver’s. At Orbis Group, we offer our customers a variety of siding and rainscreen solutions from the most trusted and reliable product manufacturers. By offering countless different profiles and compositions, we are able to work with each customer individually to select the correct materials for their project prior to tasking one of our skilled siding crews with the installation.
In Vancouver, nearly any siding system can be installed; from natural cedar siding to modern metal paneling, Orbis Group can help with your siding and rainscreen needs. With extensive experience installing all siding systems from vinyl and fibre cement siding to complex high end insulated metal cladding systems, you can rest assured that your project will be looked after with meticulous care by skilled professional project managers and installers alike.

What cladding techniques are there in Vancouver?

Horizontal cladding

The most common method used for installing siding is mounting narrow planks horizontally with each piece overlapping the last. This can be achieved with siding profiles such as Tongue and Groove, Shiplap or lap siding.

Siding planks and Boards

Vancouver’s Climate allows for the installation of almost any type of exterior cladding. These materials can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the system and it is possible to mix these layouts to create your own personalized home design. Models requiring a horizontal installation are typically bevel and lap siding while profiles like tongue and groove or shiplap siding can be installed vertically as well. Each of these systems offers its own selection of lengths and widths to further customize your homes exterior appearance. The main aspect that allows for a vertical installation is the profile of the siding being cut to interlock with adjoining pieces rather than just overlap them. The abundance of different siding systems available make it truly possible for you to bring your vision of a perfect home to life.

Vertical cladding

The most common vertically installed system is board and batten siding. With narrow trims installed intermittently over the vertical panel joints, this system offers a signature pattern that is often seen highlighting feature walls or even as the main siding system installed on cozy country style homes.

Panel cladding

There are many different siding panel products available on the market, such as:

  • ACM Panels (Aluminum Composite)
  • Wood Panels
  • Corrugated Metal Panels
  • Fibre Cement Panels
Traditionally, when it comes to panel siding, systems like corrugated steel are generally used for commercial purposes where board and batten style siding is more regularly installed on residential projects. However, in recent years, many homeowners and builders have adopted the use of more industrial looking products to achieve their modern architectural design. On the other hand, the availability of long-lasting siding materials like Fibre Cement have allowed for other paneling systems to become a popular option for industrial projects. Whether you are inquiring about cladding for a residential project or a commercial property, there are endless options available including insulated panel systems to meet your project’s specific energy efficiency requirements.

Siding Shingles and Shakes

Shingle and shake siding products are most commonly fabricated using Cedar materials, especially Western Red Cedar. However, in recent years, Fibre Cement and Vinyl siding manufacturers have added shingle and shake style panels to their available profiles. These systems are typically installed showcasing a 7” reveal but this can be adjusted to meet your specific design requirements.


Stucco is composed of a layer of concrete combined with an acrylic finish coat applied over top. The layer of concrete will protect your home from the elements while the acrylic finish provides an aesthetic finish to the system while also prolonging the service life of the concrete itself.

The types of siding we install in Vancouver, BC

The city of Vancouver and its surrounding areas feature many different architectural styles. Fortunately, there are endless possibilities in terms of profiles and compositions when it comes to siding products. No matter the type of project you are planning or its associated budgetary requirements, there are siding options that can work for you.
Below, we will take a brief look at the most popular siding systems being used in the Vancouver area.

Cedar siding

Siding products made from cedar have earned a great reputation among homeowners and builders throughout the world. Featuring beautiful natural wood grain patterns combined with deep shades of red and brown it is no wonder how this type of siding has become so popular. The biggest advantage, however, is its natural resistance to rotting even when left without additional coating or treatments for decades. Cedar will always remain the most popular type of natural wood siding available for siding installations.

Steel siding

Steel siding is commonly installed in an industrial setting as a simple corrugated metal profile. However, steel cladding is also available in multiple different profiles that can be used to create modern architectural designs for both homes and businesses.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is widely known as the most cost-effective siding solution available on the market today. While not offering a very long service life, this product is relatively easy to install and does not require much maintenance once installed. With many different colours and profiles, vinyl siding has become a, exceedingly popular choice especially amongst homeowners.

Aluminum siding

Aluminum Siding is available in panel and plank profiles with beautiful coating options such as wood grain patterns, metallic finishes and solid colours. These materials are lightweight and resistant to corrosion making them ideal for any construction project.

Fiber cement siding

Fibre Cement has quickly become the most widely used siding material in British Columbia. This composition, which includes a special cement mixture combined with cellulose fibers, has been perfected to withstand the effects of extended exposure to inclement weather and direct sunlight. Though this type of siding is substantially heavier than wood or vinyl siding, it is designed specifically for siding applications and should last 25+ years without requiring more than an occasional cleaning and a yearly inspection to ensure the integrity of the system.

Other siding

There are various other siding systems available other than the ones mentioned above. Materials such as Pine and stone remain very popular throughout British Columbia and accross Canada. If you find yourself looking for information about any siding system, you can contact our team of experienced siding professionals at Orbis Group. We can answer any questions you may have, offer you a quotation and even prepare a 3d rendering of your home all free of charge.

Our services in Vancouver we provide

Siding installation

Orbis Exteriors offers installation services for any siding systems you may be interested in. By offering a complete installation service, we aim to be a one stop solution for your siding needs. With vast experience installing a multitude of different fascia, soffit, rainscreen and siding products, we can accurately establish the materials required as well as the equipment needed to complete your specific project. This means you do not have to worry about any hidden costs to cover the agreed upon work as your siding installation progresses.

Siding replacement

Replacing existing siding products is a commonly used service offered by our company. Even the highest quality siding systems eventually reach the end of their service life and with the abundance of older homes throughout the country, we regularly see homes requiring siding removal services prior to installing new siding products. From carefully protecting or removing decorative items to safely and effectively demolishing the existing siding system, you can trust our siding replacement service to complete of your siding renovation.

Siding repair

Siding material is extremely effective at protecting your home or business from pests and adverse weather, but over time, you may start to see worn or damaged areas appear throughout your siding system. It is important to address these issues right away to avoid costly home repairs in the future; you will be happy to know that localized damaged is often entirely repairable without requiring a full siding renovation. By removing damaged siding materials and replacing them with matching products, Orbis Group is able offer seamless siding repairs for virtually any system.

Other services

In addition to procuring and installing siding materials, Orbis Exteriors is able to off many services that may simplify the process and lessen the burden that can come with taking on a construction project of any size. Our experienced staff can anticipate your projects needs throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition from planning to the installation phase. Our team of experts start by exploring siding product options to meet your projects specific design and budget requirements. Once we have a good grasp of your wants and needs, we can present you with a 3d model of your project so you can fully appreciate the siding products before moving forward. Once the project moves into the installation phase, Orbis continues to provide exemplary service by including any scaffolding, material delivery services, site fencing or waste disposal that is required for your specific project. We aim to be a full siding service solution for any project we take on and our clients satisfaction is our only priority.

What is the most popular siding material in Vancouver, BC?

The siding industry is constantly evolving with new products becoming available every year. In recent years, however, Fibre Cement Siding products have become exceedingly popular and have even surpassed vinyl materials. With material warranty coverage of up to 25 years and coating technologies to match, it is no mystery how Fibre Cement siding is currently dominating the market. These extremely durable materials are designed to perform in all climates and cost roughly the same as natural wood products making Fibre Cement siding an easy decision for many homeowners and builders.

When do I need to do a siding replacement?

A homes siding can be replaced for various reasons, whether simply to achieve an aesthetic change or to replace siding materials that have reached the end of their intended service life. If your siding system is showing localized damage, it is important to repair these locations as they can leave your home vulnerable to the elements. No matter the reason for replacing your siding system, a simple exterior renovation can completely change the appearance of your home or business. If you are unsure about the state of your siding system, please feel free to contact us at Orbis Group for a free consultation.

How much does siding cost in Vancouver, BC?

Due to the countless options when it comes to siding and rainscreen systems, the price of materials in Vancouver varies greatly depending on the individual project. Where some homeowners may be looking for high quality extruded aluminum siding systems, others may be looking for a low-cost solution like vinyl siding. Depending on our client’s design choices and budgetary requirements, we are able to offer them siding products that best fit their specific project. That being said, standard siding systems typically range between $___ to $___ per square foot for material alone.

Do I need to get permission for siding replacement?

Each municipality maintains its own rules and regulations when it comes to construction projects. Whether a new build or a renovation, it is important to familiarize yourself with your own areas specific requirements when it comes to planning your project.
Orbis Group is able to assist you in the process of obtaining permits for your project if they are required for your siding renovation.

Siding contractor Vancouver - Orbis Group Inc.

Orbis Group has been a successfully completing siding projects throughout British Columbia for over a decade and have established ourselves as a professional and reliable siding contractor in the ever growing Vancouver market. In addition to completing the installation of siding materials, we also help guide each of our clients through the siding selection process by offering free quotations and creating an accurate 3d model of each individual project to fully appreciate the product selections prior to confirming the installation. We ensure that each project is being handled by experienced professionals from initial contact to the installation’s final touches. Our first priority is your satisfaction.


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