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Special siding, glazing and paneling projects

Orbis Group does much more than perform standard siding and glazing installation. By offering each of our clients a wide variety of siding types and profiles, we are often able achieve incredibly unique cladding designs that allow homes or businesses to stand out from the rest.

While many new design ideas are explored through large commercial projects, it possible to implement these material layouts on single family home projects as well. 

Over the past decade, many homeowners have substantially increased the value of their home simply by investing into its exterior appearance. Our team of specialists have helped countless clients do this through custom designs and high-quality siding installations. We would be happy to introduce you to some of our previous projects to help inspire you and guide you through the design process.

Variety of materials and textures in cladding

In order to achieve a truly unique exterior home design, it many be necessary to combine multiple siding and rainscreen systems. While many siding contractors only specialize in the installation of standard siding products, Orbis Group has mastered the installation of a wide variety of systems and can provide solutions for any siding design.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the field, we are now able to offer a huge selection of siding products such as fiber cement, aluminum, steel, natural cedar and more. These materials are often used to create modern architectural designs by selecting multiple contrasting systems for the same project. For example, using a combination of horizontal wood grain siding and seamless metallic panels is a great way to accentuate certain features of your home or business.

Our design team can help you choose the products that will allow your inspirations to come to life while still respecting the budget you have set for your project.

Creative approach to glazing

Orbis Group is not only involved in the installation of siding materials, we are also proficient at installing custom windows and doors and when it comes to designing your homes exterior, the size and placement of your windows can play as big a roll as the materials installed around them. There is an enormous selection of window types, shapes and sizes and exploring these options can truly change the appearance of your home, inside and out.

We can offer windows and doors of nearly any shape and size, including oversized folding patio doors, arched windows, round windows and even ornate entrance doors. Our team of experienced glazing professionals would be happy to discuss your ideas and implement them into the building process. While large or custom windows can be quite costly, there is a possibility for savings resulting from the reduced siding materials being installed around your new windows and doors.

If you are interested in our window design and supply services, it is important to contact us early in your home design process as some custom windows and doors can demand lengthy lead times.

3D modeling features

While we offer free samples for the siding materials you are interested in, it is difficult to truly imagine the result of the installation before it is completed. For this reason, we have started offering custom 3d models of each home accurately showing the layouts of all new materials to be installed.

This is done completely free of charge as we want to ensure full satisfaction of each of our clients and given the uniqueness of each project, this is simply the best way to fully appreciate your selections before agreeing to move forward.

Individual approach plus professional experience

During the completion of countless projects over the years, we have created strong relationships with architects, builders, and product manufacturers. These connections allow our organization to implement your unique design ideas while still following requirements and recommendations.

Each member of our team of specialists if passionate about their work and take great interest in new design ideas. We encourage you to bring us your ideas and inspirations so we can help you create your dream home, no matter how extravagant. After all, we love a new challenge. Thanks to new technology and manufacturing processes, the possibilities are truly endless.

Completed projects

On our website, you can find information and pictures from dozens of our previously completed custom siding projects. You will find that there are endless cladding possibilities for any type of project, whether it is a large commercial building or a small single-family home

If you are not sure of the materials you would like to use or even the architectural style you are looking to achieve for your upcoming project, our gallery of past projects may be able to help. By browsing through our photos, you can easily select the materials you would like to see included in your home’s design. From there, our team of specialists can present you with physical samples, a 3d render and a quotation based on your selections.



Reliability and durability of unique projects

Some prefer not to explore new design ideas in order to avoid the possibility of future complications. When dealing with inexperienced contractors or subpar products, issues with material durability and effectiveness of the siding system can certainly arise and create the need for costly repairs in the future.

Orbis Group, on the other hand, has been successfully creating and implementing new and reliable designs for nearly 15 years. We work closely with trusted manufacturers and ensure that all siding products are being installed within their specific limitations and by doing so, we can provide warranties for all our clients including any follow up services required after the installation has been completed.

By hiring Orbis Group to take on your siding project, you can rest assured that it will be completed with the highest level of quality no matter your design choices.


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