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Window Wall Installation in Calgary, AB. Verve Condos

Window Wall Installation in Calgary, AB. Verve Condos

  • Construction phase: Completed
  • Installation: Unitized curtain wall
  • Brand: Eagon
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Cladding material: Aluminum windows
  • Type: New construction
  • Cladding technique:
  • Project year: 2018
  • Location: Calgary

Project "Verve Condos"

Project "Verve Condos" is a 761,235 square foot office mixed-use tower currently completed in Calgary, Alberta. This Canadian high rise was designed by Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.

Location: Calgary, AB
Builder(s): FRAM Building Group and Slokker Real Estate Group

Architect: Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.
Square Footage Installed: 500,000 sq ft

Building Type: Condo
Ownership: Condominium
Construction Status: Complete 2018
Address: 615 6 Ave SE #120, Calgary, AB T2G 0H3
Number of Buildings: 1
Storeys: 25
Number of Units: 288

Scope of work

Before & After

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Double glazing

Vacuum insulated glass (VIG), or evacuated glazing. Heat loss due to convection is eliminated, leaving radiation losses and conduction through the edge seal and required supporting pillars over the face area.

Aluminum systems

We specialize in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installation of all types of bespoke aluminum facade systems, for residential, mid-rise & high-rise condominiums, offices and hotels in Canada.

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