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Window Installation & Replacement

Orbis Group is well known for its siding installation capabilities; however, this is not the only service we offer. Our organization is separated into multiple divisions, each specializing in its own field, including Window and Door Installations.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Orbis Group first joined the construction market offering glazing services for a variety of new build and renovation projects. Since then, thanks to our hundreds of satisfied customers, we have gained extensive experience and expanded our scope of services to include all the necessary aspects to complete the exterior envelope of virtually any project.

In addition to working with glass, windows and doors, Orbis Group is able to complete the entire building envelope installation from sheathing and roofing to finished cladding products which is extremely convenient for clients taking on new construction builds.
After a decade and a half gaining experience with custom home projects as well as large scale multi family builds, Orbis has become renowned throughout the residential and commercial construction markets as a trustworthy and reliable organization capable of successfully undertaking any exterior installation project, no matter the size including even the most difficult glazing installations.

Our team of highly qualified glazing, siding and roofing specialists work together by combining their knowledge and experience in order to narrow down any complications that might arise during the installation process and take these into account when presenting pricing to our clients. By offering accurate estimating, a seasoned project management team and extremely skilled installation crews we ensure that our clients are entirely satisfied with our services, whether it be a simple window installation or a complex building envelope design and installation.
If you are considering a glazing installation project for your home or business, you can contact Orbis Group anytime and our team of specialists will be happy to provide you with any information you are looking for.

What windows do we install

Awning Windows/Full Vent Windows

This style of window is not very common but offers a very modern function and design. The hinges used to support the window are placed at the top of the frame allowing it to open upwards and outwards, which explains the name “Awning Window”. A home with such windows installed will be noticeably unique compared to other builds using standard casement or sliding window options.
Despite being somewhat more difficult to wash because of the frame and hinge design, they can be very convenient as a point of exit in case of emergency. It is important to consider that these windows can sit right above eye level if opened on the ground level which can present a danger for anyone walking by.
There are a few factors to consider when choosing Awning windows for your home but our team of specialists is only a phone call away.

Casement windows

This is possible the most common type of window frame available on the market today.

 This is due to the convenience and comfort associated with operating these windows. Casement windows have hinged installed vertically along the jamb of the window frame. The opening and closing mechanism is very easy to operate thanks to a handle usually located at the bottom of the frame. These windows usually include a stopper that prevents the window from opening wide enough for someone to enter but can be unlocked from the inside to allow the window to swing fully open and allow for an easy exit in case of emergency. The one disadvantage with this type of frame is that most models lack an insect screen which can allow insects to enter freely through the open window. Despite this, most homeowners and home builders choose casement windows for their projects because of their traditional appearance and convenience.

Single slider windows

Slider windows are quite common depending on your area. Its distinctive feature is how these windows open; they do not open outward or inwards but sideways instead. The frame is manufactured in such a shape that lets the windowpane sit within a set of grooves and, with the assistance of sliders or small wheels, allows the window to open side to side nearly effortlessly. Slider windows can be locked from the inside offering peace of mind to those within the home or business while saving space inside and out when the window is in the open position.

Double slider windows

This type of window, much like the single slider option, is characterized by its compact design and lateral opening motion. In some cases, especially in colder climates, it is possible to have 2 sets of sliding windowpanes within the same window frame. By adding an additional layer of glazing, you can greatly improve your energy efficiency.

End-Vent slider windows

End vent windows are great for rooms with large walls and vast interior space. These windows consist of 2 sliding sashes, one at each extremity of the frame with a fixed pane at the centre.

This creates the possibility of opening both ends of the frame at the same time, allowing for superior air flow while subsequently offering exceptionally large windows resulting in abundant natural light for your living spaces.

Double Hung windows

This type of window is not very popular but can offer great solutions for airflow while being both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.
A single hung window offers a single operable sash that can open either vertically or outward. When it comes to double hung, both sashes are mounted vertically and can open independently from each other.
Remaining fairly flush with the window frame when opened, these windows are perfect for patio spaces or sunrooms. Despite being less common than other types of windows, this frame design can be perfect for your build. As always Orbis Group’s team of glass experts would be happy to help should you have any questions.

Other types of windows

Fixed windows

Fixed Windows, also known as picture windows, are not designed to open in any direction. Simply a fixed windowpane mounted into a standard window frame, this style of window is often installed in inaccessible areas or manufactured into custom geometric shapes to meet specific design requirements.

Bay windows

Bay windows are often built to meet custom size requirements and include multiple corners that create a bay effect when installed. These windows are used to expand the room within and create a panoramic view.

Bow windows

Bow windows are fabricated for specific architectural details that include curved fenestrations. Very similar to bay windows, bow windows offer a panoramic view with a more rounded final shape than the bay window alternative.

How to determine where your windows should be installed

When it comes to planning the location of future windows, large operable windows in living spaces is often the first priority for homeowners. Maximizing air flow and natural light is important, however, window in common living spaces is not the only areas to consider.

Below, we will note the basic glazing aspects to consider when laying out your fenestration plan.

Regular walls

Windows installed at eye level in your kitchen, living room and bedrooms will likely be the most noticeable when first stepping into a home. Usually, builders and homeowners will try to maximize the amount of airflow and visibility of the outdoors by including large windows in these spaces. These windows will usually consist of the majority of your homes window coverage. It is important to consider maximum and minimum allowable window coverages for your project while in the planning phase.

Basement window replacement

With mechanical rooms and laundry machines create excess heat and are usually located in the basement, maintaining proper airflow while ensuring the safety of your home can become a challenge. We can help you plan your basement’s window layout by considering the necessary airflow requirements for your home and taking into account the need for emergency exits and preventing unwanted guests entering through basement or ground level windows.

Roof windows/Sky Lights

Depending on the type of roof covering your home or business, it may be possible to implement sky lights into your project. By being installed through the structure of your roof, this windows placement offers abundant natural light regardless of its direction while giving you a beautiful view of the nights sky. These windows do suffer the risk of leaking over time which can lead to costly repairs. As such, it is important to inspect the sealing products used around your sky light from time to time and address any concerns as soon as they are discovered.

Windows for gables

Installing windows up to the peak of your gables will increase the amount of light that is let into your home. These types of windows are often fixed pane windows, which means they can not be open, however, if there is a need for this type of window to open in your particular situation, an operable sash can be implemented into the design.

Glass terraces and fences

A feature that is gaining popularity is the concept of glazed terraces that perfectly blend the ambiance of relaxing outdoors while enjoying the comfort of your indoor spaces. This type of glazing usually includes very low-profile frames to increase visibility.

 Orbis Group is happy to offer these glazing products as well as any of the windows we have discussed thus far. If you have any interest in glass terrace windows, please give us a call to go over any questions or concerns you may have.


Exterior glass doors installation

In addition to window installations, we are also capable of supplying and installing all types of exterior doors from standard swing doors to more complex folding glass door systems. Nowadays, vast operable glass doors are exceedingly popular especially in single family homes. Thanks to multiple large panes of glass, these doors are the best option for maximizing natural light as well as marrying your interior and exterior living spaces during the summer months.
Here is a brief description of a few different doors styles we can offer: 

  1. All panel. Panel doors are a standard solid wood or aluminum swing door available with several different panel designs.
  2. Glass panel. This is similar to the standard panel doors but includes a window of any size that can span up to the entire length of the door.
  3. Sliding patio. This is a standard patio door that can be locked or opened by sliding the pane from side to side.
  4. Swinging patio. Swinging Patio doors are similar to a standard patio door but with the added ability to open as a standard swing door if desired.
  5. Folding doors. These doors offer an incredibly unique design. They can span dozens of feet in width yet are designed in such a way that you can open and fold each glass pane onto the next one in order to open the entire span of the door and promote a wonderful flow from your interior living spaces to your exterior ones.
  6. Fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors are available in most styles of doors but offer a lightweight design paired with added energy efficiency. These doors are a great investment if you are looking to save on heating costs.

Window installation cost

When planning to undertake a window installation or replacement project for your home or business, the first question that comes to mind is “How much will this cost?”. The final price for supplying and installing windows for your specific project will depend on a variety of different factors. The first step is to contact a professional window installation contractor and discuss your needs and preferences to establish what kind of window will work best for you as well as the size and amount of individual window frames. Deciding on the location and size of your windows can be an exhausting process without the help of knowledgeable professionals as every area has different requirements in terms of allowable window coverage and venting.
One huge factor that will determine your project cost is the material that is chosen for the window frames. For example, natural wood window frames can be several times the price of vinyl windows for the same window size. Therefore, it is crucial to decide on the options that work best for you and your budget. In addition, the stage of your project is an important factor; planning your fenestration layout for a new construction home will command a different price than a window replacement on a renovation project. This and many other aspects come into play while trying to establish a budget for your specific window/door needs. Below, we will provide you with rough pricing for common window styles fabricated using standard vinyl frames. This can give you preliminary budgetary numbers, however, we encourage you to contact us at Orbis Group to take advantage of our free quotation service.

Window installation cost



Cost of windows

Price for installation


From 150 to 650 dollars

From 350 to 850 dollars


From 100 to 400 dollars

From 175 to 600 dollars


From 150 to 800 dollars

From 250 to 1,300 dollars


From 50 to 650 dollars

From 250 to 1,000 dollars


From 600 to 2,500 dollars

From 1,500 to 7,000 dollars


From 1000 to 4,500 dollars

From 2,000 to 10,000 dollars

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