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Orbis offers stress-free financing options for homeowners throughout Vancouver & the Lower Mainland. During a consultation, we can discuss with you our financing options designated to fit your specific project.

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It’s hard to imagine which material or color would look best on your home. By using state of the art 3D modeling technology, our team will work with you to create a render of how your home would look after the renovation is complete. It’s hard to imagine which material or color would look best on your home. By using state of the art 3D modeling technology, our team will work with you to create a render of how your home would look after the renovation is complete. It’s hard to imagine which material or color would look best on your home. By using state of the art 3D modeling technology, our team will work with you to create a render of how your home would look after the renovation is complete. It’s hard to imagine which material or color would look best on your home. By using state of the art 3D modeling technology, our team will work with you to create a render of how your home would look after the renovation is complete.

Installed with passion

Orbis Group of companies, founded in 2007 specializing in all facade solutions; siding, panel installation and glazing. Over the years, Orbis has expanded in Western Canada and won the trust of hundreds of customers in the Residential, Multifamily and Commercial sectors. We ensured that the highest standards were met consistently by following specifications and the regulations of each province in Canada. 
We value our reputation, therefore dozens of clients every day turn to us for comfort, reliability and confidence in finding the right solution.
We invite you to look at all our projects, and upcoming projects on our website -

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We work with you to find the best product to suit the look, color, and budget for your home.
We have 10+ years experience installing James Hardie, Ceraclad, Nichiha, AL13, Quickpanel, Alfrex, Longboard and other brands.

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We provide you with a free estimate and ETA to install the chosen siding products for your dream home.
We answer any questions you have and work with you every step of the way to achieve your vision safely and on time.


Siding contractor - Orbis group of companies

Orbis Exteriors is an established and well-known siding contractor in the construction industry of British Columbia and Alberta. We have been in business for over 13 years, successfully taking on building envelope projects, big and small across Western Canada. Initially focused on installing vinyl/aluminum windows and glazing, many clients requested siding installations and replacements to be included in services. In order to meet our clients’ broad needs for quality exterior solutions, a team of siding specialists was assembled thus expanding into the siding contractor market.

Today, our Exteriors Division is widely known as a reliable siding contractor offering a wide range of products and services while Orbis Group of companies continues to offer high quality window installations, architectural paneling services and even in house manufacturing. No matter the size of your project, our team of specialists can offer information and suggestions through each step of the process by detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each siding product. Our top priority as your siding contractor is not only to ensure that the final product fully meets your expectations but that the entire process be seamless and stress free for you.


Services we provide

Over the years, our multiple divisions have accrued the ability to take on a wide variety of exterior envelope services. Thanks to our numerous satisfied clients requesting that Orbis Group take on additional scopes of work, we have been able to assemble skilled installers and project managers with experience in many different trades; from being your siding contractor to your specialty window installer, Orbis Group has you covered. Below, you can find a list of the different services we can provide for your upcoming project. On top of the installation services we can offer, Orbis will bring full support and project management for each any project until our scope successfully completed. In addition to the services we can provide during the building phase, we can also help with development and design. With every quotation, we offer our clients to option of including a 3d rendering of your specific project so you can visualize what your home or business will look like once the work is completed.

  • Supply and Installation of all Siding Systems
  • Supply and Installation of all Soffit Systems
  • Supply and Installation of any Rainscreen System, including Flashing and Building Membranes
  • Finishing work (Beams, Posts, Caulking, Architectural Details)
  • Supply and Installation of Wood Products (Specialty Window Trims, Knee Braces, Corbels etc.) 
  • Installation of Doors, Vinyl windows and Window/Door Opening Preparation
  • Window and Siding Replacement and Repair


What work is included in the installation process

The process of installing a full building envelope is not as simple as it may seem for those inexperienced in the field. The installation does not only consist of the siding itself, there are also multiple different parts and products that must be installed in a specific order to ensure a fully weatherproof system. In fact, the preparation phase, which consists of all materials being installed before the siding, is more important than the siding product in terms of protecting your home or business from the effects of weather. Prior to the cladding system material arriving on site, one of our siding experts will inspect the structure and decide on which waterproofing products to use as well as estimate how much of each material will be needed to complete the installation. They will also be able to establish if there are any specific challenges or issues that could complicate or delay the siding installation while determining the scaffolding and access requirements for your project. When choosing Orbis Group to be your siding contractor, we ensure that you do not have to worry about any portion of your siding project. Our specialists will provide cladding services from the initial planning and designing to the final touch ups and caulking. Here is a detailed overview of the cladding process from start to finish.
1) First and foremost, the entire surface of your exterior sheathing must be cleared of all old siding, protruding nails and damaged or rotting framing. This helps to ensure that your siding products can be installed effectively and efficiently.
2) Flashing, Weather Membranes and Rainscreen are installed next. Metal flashing is installed at all horizontal joints and terminations to divert water away from your siding system, while membrane and rainscreen is added to further protect your sheathing and repel moisture.

3) Now that all windows and horizontal joints are sealed and weatherproof, Trims can be installed at corners as well as around window and doors before proceeding with the installation of the main siding products. Orbis Group’s full siding contractor service will provide all manpower and tooling required to make sure the final product meets your expectations.
4) Once all the products have been installed, our crew will take care of paint touch ups and caulking installation while making sure to clean any dust off the surface of your newly installed siding. Also, they will be cleaning and removing all construction waste caused by our forces. 
5) We provide a warranty for all installation services provided as agreed upon during the design phase as well as provide relevant warranty documentation covering the siding materials that were chosen.

Siding we install

Over the passed few years, a multitude of siding products have reached market and gained popularity among homeowners and architects alike. We have built our reputation as a siding contractor by prioritizing our clients needs and presenting them siding product options that fit both their budget and design expectations.  Below, you can find a list of the most popular siding products Orbis Group has to offer.

1. Wood and cedar siding
Wood siding is the most traditional system available on the market. These products can be procured in standard plank profiles as well as Tongue and Groove systems. Most wood siding products require yearly maintenance and these systems have recently been losing popularity as raw material pricing continues to rise. Cedar cladding is much easier to maintain than Spruce, pine or fir products, however, the materials are substantially more expensive.
2. Fiber cement Siding
The composition of Fiber Cement is specifically designed to perform exceptionally well for extended periods as a siding system. These products will never rot, they are virtually waterproof, they are extremely resistant to hail, wind and fire damage, in addition, insects and small animals will not be able to damage the material or nest in behind it.
There are many different Fiber Cement siding systems available on the market; some are quite affordable and affordably priced while others can be quite expensive but feature remarkable finishes backed by unbelievable warranties. No matter which Fibre Cement product you choose, they are all paired with a very respectable warranty and will outlast any available wood products.
3. Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is often seen as the least expensive siding system you can choose, however, there are many available colour and profile options on the market. With vinyl siding being inexpensive and easy to install, there are many vinyl siding installers on the market. Anyone interested in vinyl siding should carefully examine any reviews associated before making a final decision regarding the siding contractor they should hire. As with any cladding, if the vinyl siding is not installed correctly, moisture will find its way behind the system and potentially remain trapped. This can deteriorate your weather membrane and sheathing over time creating the need for costly repairs.
4. Metal cladding
Metal cladding is a great option if you are looking to achieve a modern design for your home or business. There are multiple systems available on the market made from materials such as steel and aluminum as well as specialty metals like Stainless Steel or Copper. Any raw material you choose can be processed into different profiles and coated with anything from mirror finishes to imitation wood grains. The main disadvantage associated with metal siding systems is the material and installation price, however, there are many advantages including low maintenance requirements and exceptional aesthetic appearance.
5. Artificial stone System
For those who prefer classic and traditional finishes, there are many brick veneer and faux stone panel systems available. These products resemble natural stone or brick in both color and feel, in fact, some products are manufactured using natural stone materials. Veneer and panel systems are available in most price ranges and can meet most project budgets. Our experts would be happy to guide you towards the correct product to meet your specific needs.

We offer the world's best siding brands

As with most products, there are many brands that manufacture similar systems. Thanks to our years of experience and multiple completed projects, our siding specialists have familiarized themselves with the absolute best brands for each different system so that we can offer our clients the best quality siding products at competitive prices.
As always, Orbis Group strives to provide our clients with the best siding contractor service on the market and this starts with helping you select the right products for your project. 
Here is a list of our most trusted siding product manufacturers.
-James Hardie
-Easy Trim
-Longboard Cladding

Why should you choose cladding services from Orbis Group

1) Full Siding Contractor Services
What most clients appreciate about our siding contractor services is the extensiveness of our knowledge and design abilities. Any client coming to us with even a vague idea of the design they are searching for will be met with suggestions that meet their needs and expectations. 
When developing a concept for our potential clients, we make sure to select the best materials, provide physical samples and create an accurate 3D model of the specific project so you can fully appreciate the chosen products before moving forward with the installation process.
We are happy to offer this service completely free of charge in order to help provide you with a completely stress free process from initial contact to the completion of your siding project.
2) Schedule Accuracy
It can be extremely challenging to assemble an accurate schedule for your construction project. With so many moving parts working together, there are often unforeseen issues that can complicate the process. Thankfully, Orbis Group has accrued many years of experience as a siding contractor and is able to plan the cladding process quite accurately all while allowing a contingency for potential delays.
3) Excellent warranty coverage
Most products that we install already offer a great warranty period, in addition to this, Orbis Group includes warranty coverage for our installation. This means that any issue that may arise caused by either the siding materials or the installation process will be covered by a warranty for any client who chooses to move forward with Orbis Group.


Estimated Supply and Installation Costs

Each project is analyzed individually, from the installation challenges such as access to the area, material waste factors and construction requirements in your municipality to the different rainscreen products and finishing materials available on the market. As such, the total price to complete a cladding project can vary greatly. You’ll be happy to know that Orbis Group’s Siding Contractor Services offer free quotations for any siding projects, whether a new construction build, a renovation or just a few repairs.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your cladding needs.

Average Square Foot Pricing

In order to help you budget for your upcoming project, please see the average cost for each system below.


Cost Per 1 Sq.Ft.


From 3 to 11 $


From 3 to 11 $


From 2 to 6 $

Fiber cement

From 6 to 13 $

Faux stone

From 7 to 15 $


From 3 to 10 $



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